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Adriana Stern is an author, song-writer, gestalt therapist and circus instructor, and she offers writing workshops as a consultant in poetic self-analysis.

Her first publication was an essay which was published by Orlanda Frauenverlag in 1993. This was followed by more essays and short stories on the subject of Jewish life in Germany, anti-Semitism and violence against children and women.

Her first novel was published in 2001 by Argument Verlag; others have followed, while a number of books have not yet been published.
Here is a summary of her creative work:

Adriana Stern - WERKSCHAU

  • Novels

Hannah and the Others
Argument Verlag 2001

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Pia's Labyrinth
Argument Verlag 2003

Jockel's Silence
A novel with thriller elements about sexual violence against boys

The Case of Amanda Wagner
A thriller on the subject of child pornography

  • Books for Young People

And then came Sunny
Verlag Jacoby & Stuart 2010

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: Illegal
A novel with thriller elements about the situation of asylum seekers' children in Germany

We Shall Not Go To Israel
A developmental novel about Jewish migrant families who come to live in Germany

  • Essays and Short Stories

Published under the name Anna Knupp

Fractures for Some, Departures for Us, in:
Distant Connections - Racism, Anti-Semitism, Class Oppression. Orlanda Frauenverlag 1993

Text Extracts and Poems on the Subject of Sexual Violence
In: Originally Everything Was There. Verlag Frühlings Erwachen 1993

Published under the name Adriana Stern

Project(s) for Girls and Young Women with Differing Abilities and Handicaps
Pillow Fights and Mini-Golf. Bifos - Series of Essays, March 1998

And Sometimes Rage Resulted, on the subject of anti-Semitism in the women's movement. In: Coming-out; a Reader. Argument Verlag 1999

Published under the name Channah Stern

I Can Remember, in: At Home, Homeless? Young Jews and their Future in Germany. Bleicher-Verlag Gerlingen 2002

Pesach - Everywhere and Nowhere, on the theme of Jewish identity in Germany, in Generations, IHRSINN - a radical feminist magazine, May 2002

Stories for a Handbook of School Teaching
Dealing with Diversity / Sexual Orientation and Diversity in Education and Counseling. Published by: The Ministry for Health, Social Life, Women and Families of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf 2004

From Now On Your Name's Marianne - Lesbians and Anti-Semitism in: Staying in Motion - 100 Years of Politics, Culture and Stories about Lesbians. Published by: Gabriele Dennert, Christiane Leidinger, Franziska Rauchut. Querverlag 2007

  • Children's Books

Manuscript: Mathilde and the Business with the Reverse Magic
An exciting story about the destruction of the environment and children's imagination

Manuscript: Milka and the Secret of the Angels
A novel about the search for one's own Jewish roots in the world of the Torah

  • Audio Book

Hannah and the Others, Radioropa 2008

  • Songs

Adriana Stern has been writing lyrics and composing her own works since 1986. Her musical instrument is the guitar.

She is a solo song-writer, has composed more than 30 songs to date and appeared in the following cities between 1986 and 2003:

Hamburg / Berlin / Münster / Freiburg / Vienna / Cologne / Frankfurt / Munich / Kiel / Lübeck/ Bremen / Dresden / Ludwigsburg / Oldenburg / Zurich / Hanover / Stuttgart / Bielefeld / Osnabrück / Dortmund / Kassel / Tübingen / Heidelberg / Bochum and Gießen

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