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With the immediacy and suspense of a thriller, Hannah and the Others tells of a Multiple Personality girl's desperate attempt to escape from her parents and discover the truth.

"What a book!!! What a fascinating, sad, gripping and incredibly important book! This month's recommendation."

Krimi-Forum (Thriller Forum)

"A thrilling tale which is fascinating right to the end, this is a novel which will provide the reader with completely new insights."

Krimi-Forum (Thriller Forum)

"Hannah and the Others describes the difficulty of finding oneself in a society which is marked by taboos and silence."

AVIVA-Tipp (online magazine for women)

"Adriana Stern's novel starts at such a cracking pace that it could compete with the stories of Joy Fielding. But Hannah and the Others is less of a detective story and more of a psychological thriller, dealing with the past and present of a young girl with a particular personality disorder. It doesn't take long for the reader to guess that the diagnosis will be one of schizophrenia or multiple personalities, and the truth about Hannah's family background is also no great mystery, but the suspense which is created is retained throughout. This is primarily due to the sensitive depiction of Hannah and her other personalities, created largely through language, which break through to the surface of her consciousness in increasingly uninhibited and terrifying fashion."

Literaturportal (Literature Portal)

"This book for young people deals in impressive style with a phenomenon which has aroused considerable interest recently. Books about this subject area, and in particular one like this for young people, are useful in complementing state efforts to provide information on the subject." Behörde für Inneres (Government Department for Internal Affairs)

"It would be of considerable benefit if many adults developed an awareness of MP in this way. The book can certainly increase sensitivity about the issue.

" ERF - Hörfunk "Lesefrüchte" (ERF Radio Book Program)

"I can recommend without any reservation the story of Hannah, which is also the story of Lela, John, Franziska, Silver, Jurek, December, etc. The diagnosis is Multiple Personality. Here its confusing complexity is made accessible, thanks to a background of serious research, and helpful addresses are provided in the afterword. The thriller-plus of the week!"


"Stern has succeeded in a dangerous balancing act by presenting the subject without giving the incidents a sensational aspect. An absolutely outstanding and incredibly gentle book which would be of huge benefit to thousands of female readers of every age! A book which everybody should recommend to everybody else, a book which ought to be on school curricula everywhere!" kunstundbücher (Book Review Magazine)
"Top marks for suspense and the realistic, gripping depiction of a still relatively unknown phenomenon."

Lespress (Book Magazine)

"Adriana Stern has produced a sensitive and gripping portrait of the life of a 15-year-old with a handicap: Hannah has a split personality. Best sentence: 'To tell the truth, I can't remember problems with my parents. Sure, I know I have some - but I have no idea what they are…'" Lesetipp der Jugendzeitschrift Mädchen (Book Recommendation from Mädchen magazine for girls)

"Although Hannah and the Others is a work of fiction, it allows us to live through the real feelings and experiences of somebody with a multiple personality. I have read the book, and I really recommend it." Lilli Kirchmann, Kl. 8p, Heinrich-von-Kleist-Gymnasium (Lilli Kirchmann, 8th Grade, Heinrich von Kleist High School)

"Tips on masters of suspense: these are the cherries on the quite delicious cake, chosen from among works of suspense and adventure for avid readers and bookworms of all age groups… including the impressive novel Hannah and the Others by Adriana Stern. "


"Non-fiction - recommended for adults,"

Deutscher Ärztinnenbund (Association of German Women Doctors)

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